Electrical Systems Distribution Design from the service feeds to motor control center (MCC), distribution panel boards, emergency generators, UPS, low voltage, and building controls.

In many applications, new technologies currently available to support specialty process and industrial installations involve special consideration to electrical load requirements calling for buck/boost transformers, VFD's, power filtering systems, and  transient mitigation methods. These design considerations are often overlooked in the facility design, and are requirements dictated by good practice, code, or according to manufacturer's specification. APECS can supply you with the support needed to address these considerations.

APECS provides consulting services to companies to help the use and expansion of facility commodities such as Emergency Generator power and UPS power. One of the services we provide is to conduct detailed single or three-phase electrical load audits on electrical distribution systems to quantify existing loads, current draw imbalances, power factor, transients, and kVA/kWh usage. This data is essential to facility managers needing to expand their distribution system or to add new UPS / Generator systems.

The design and use of a system utilizing Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) is a common place for misapplication. If not selected and installed properly they can cause more problems than solve them. APECS has extensive expertise in VFDs use and application from many manufacturers.